About Us

In every organization it is important that we share our believes to customers. Like wise our customers deserve to know that we take pride in our product and service, forge trust in our systems that is inline with our Mission and vision.

Vision of relevant entity

  • We are dedicated and committed to provide highest degree of integrity, service and gaming experience to satisfy our current and future customers.
  • The National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders, Inc. is the country’s foremost gamefowl breeders organization (FIGBA) that is dedicated and committed to promote the sport as an industry and a noble tradition, where the cockfighting is revered as a national pastime and a sport that depicts the true meaning of Honesty, Integrity and Fair play.
  • We strive to be the market leader in Live Sabong Streaming and broadcasting Philippines passionate past time to the world by providing quality, licensed and reliable Live Feed.

Mission of relevant entity

  • To uplift the game fowl industry as one of the movers of our economy.
  • To promote the sport as a source of livelihood to millions of Filipinos.
  • To protect the inherent right and passion of every cockfighting aficionado and to enjoy the sport as part of our country’s tradition.